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Other Menís Business

Other Menís Business . In 1907, Britainís Punch magazine criticized illustrator Arthur Rackham for having the gall to illustrate Alice in Wonderland, a title associated with artist John Tenniel. Rackham, it said, should ďemploy his imagination upon his own rather than other menís business.Ē

We took that as a challenge, and asked illustrators to take a crack at such titles as Winnie-the-Pooh, The Story of Babar the Little Elephant, Madeline, and Old Possumís Book of Practical Cats Ė all in the public domain in Canada (as Alice was in Britain in 1907).

Illustrators George A. Walker, Philip Street, Alan Stein, Julian Mulock, Anthony Jenkins, Brian Gable (whose homage to Ludwig Bemelmans graces the cover), Warren Clements and Matthew Chapman provide their take on excerpts from the classics in this delightful 72-page book. With apologies to Punch magazine, of course. (For copyright reasons, this book, as with other Nestlings Press titles, will be mailed only to Canadian addresses.)

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