Monthly Archives: February 2022

A question of typos

Most publishers will find a typographical error in their books now and then. However diligent the proofreading, something at some time is likely to slip through.

Nestlings Press has been fortunate not to have had more than one typo (well, maybe two) in each book, with the exception of the 2014 edition of How to Get to Heaven and Back, which was a rushed production and didn’t receive the proofreading it needed. (The revised and much-expanded 2020 edition was proofread to within an inch of its life, and appears typo-free, though some sharp-eyed reader will doubtless write in to quarrel with that assertion.)

The next (29th) book to be issued is Rhymes with Doré, Flagg and Zorn, a collection of drawings, engravings and etchings by French artist Gustave Doré, American artist James Montgomery Flagg and Swedish artist Anders Zorn, accompanied by light verses-cum-doggerel by Warren Clements. One typo appears to have squeezed through the net, and this time the publisher intends to take the unusual step of including this notice with each copy mailed out:

“This is an interactive book. We have included a typographical error in one of the verses. When you find it, please change the r to a v and harmony will be restored to the universe.”

Footnote: If you do not find the typo, clearly it does not exist. That’s our story, and we’re sticking to it.